Cancerina and matarique

Cancerina and matarique are the most commonly found ingredients in many herbal medicines. These are Mexican plants known to have hypoglemic effect. They are known to have positive effect on many physical complications like diabetes and arthritis. The cancerina is known for its anti inflammatory property and matarique is mainly used to treat severe issues […]

Guasima herb

Guasima herb better known as the Mutamba belongs to the Sterculiaceae Family. TheĀ  name of the herb originated from the Mohican language .The tree is not more that 20 meters and the diameter of trunk is between 35 and 60 cm.The leaves are oval in shape with tiny yellow and white flowers. The plant also […]

Anatabloc side effects

Before we start talking about the anatabloc side effects lets first analyse what the drug is and what it is used for. Anatabloc is a drug that supports the antiinflammatory immune system. The main ingredient of anatabloc is citrateĀ anatabine. Anatabine is an alkaloid found in various plants of the Solanaceae family, like the tobacco plant, […]

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