Truffle Allergy

Truffle Allergy

Allergies are very disturbing and is generally in the form of itchiness and light discomfort but it can be worse and cause serious health issues and even death. Allergies are caused by various agents it can be due to a smell or taste or feel or may be due to other unknown reasons. Allergies occurs to the individuals who have very sensitive body and had history of allergies. Food allergies are one of the most common type of allergy which are considered worst among all of them because you have to take care of your food habit every now and then.

Truffle which is also known as “the diamond of the kitchen” by French cook, are basically very rare and uncommon mushroom species that grows on trees. Truffles are considered to be very expensive and is used by very popular chefs for preparing foods. Truffle allergy is one of the kind of food allergy which is caused by feeling of uncomfortableness when we consume it in lesser or higher amount. The problem with this food is that it is very rare and it is not eaten up directly but it is used as an ingredients for various great tasting foods. One of the most surprising thing for you all is that it is also used in preparation of chocolate so any one having truffle allergy should be very careful with chocolate and chocolate containing foods. Many of the famous restaurant use truffle to make their food tasty and hence it is very difficult to stay away from the allergy but as we all say prevention is better than cure so we should always be very cautious and aware of food we are eating in order to be healthy and good state of mind.

Truffle allergy symptoms are almost similar to other kind of food allergies. People who have very sensitive body may start feeling discomfort and develop symptoms such as skin itchiness and redness, blemishes all over the body immediately. In some the cases people even feel difficulty in breathing, stomach pain and nausea. If anyone is experiencing such symptoms then he/she should consult the doctor as soon as possible and take necessary medication. It is also advisable to keep the medicine with you all the time as prescribed by the doctor so that in case of emergency you can take care of yourself.

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