Anatabloc side effects

Anatabloc side effects

English: Anatabine structure Deutsch: Anatabin...
English: Anatabine structure Deutsch: Anatabin Struktur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before we start talking about the anatabloc side effects lets first analyse what
the drug is and what it is used for. Anatabloc is a drug that supports the antiinflammatory immune system. The main ingredient of anatabloc is citrate anatabine. Anatabine is an alkaloid found in various plants of the Solanaceae
family, like the tobacco plant, the eggplant, green peppers and green tomatoes.
Anatabloc ™ has been patented in the US with the U.S. Patent & Trademark
Office Product, currently under a provisional patent.
What does anatabine do? Combined with combined with Vitamins A and D13, it
helps maintain its anti-inflammatory functions. Excess inflammation causes
arthritis and thyroid disorders.
What are the advantages of Anatabloc? It helps maintain healthy levels of Creactive protein activates; it reduces chronic inflammation helping diseases like
arthritis and thyroid disorders. It is a Safe drug and is available without a
prescription. Each tablet contains helps the natural process of your body to
regulate inflammation. Normally these are sold in groups of 200 Tablets. Each
daily serving contains 8% of vitamin A (in the form of acetate) 417 IU and 8% of
vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 33 IU.
Anatabina comes in the form of citrate anatabina, in doses of 1 mg and has
other Ingredients like Mannitol flavors, natural and artificial flavor, sucralose,
silicon dioxide, stearic acid, idrossipropilmetilcellulose, magnesium stearate,
titanium dioxide (color), natural varnish, methylparaben, propylparaben, triethyl
citrate, citric acid, BHT, mono and diglycerides and polisorbate 80

But the Question is, what are the side effect? Patients have declared that their
metabolism started speeding up and there was a drastic loss of weight during
the time they were on the medication. There is a big concern as the loss of
weight is drastic and can cause stress. Other side effects that have been claimed
are feeling constantly cold and being unable to warm up.
In case of these side effects do consult your doctor and lower the daily tablet
intake. In fact the recommended dose is one or two tablets three times a day. It
is important to not exceed 6 tablets per day, except the advice of a physician or
a pharmacist.

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  1. I have started taking Anatabloc for my rheumatoid arthritis which is limiting my hand movements. Is there any interaction between Anatabloc and the pain medication Apo-Prednisone which I am taking for pain, and are there any side affects from Anatabloc

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