Black Mica

Black Mica

Different Applications for Black Mica

Known as the black mineral or biotite, black mica is gaining lots of attention mainly because of its health benefits and its ease of use. After a Japanese researcher found the healthy minerals that it contains, he found ways on how he can pull out the harmful minerals and ionize it. This in turn, resulted to the creation of the extract, which is offered to the public for them to gain the benefits of the mineral. With the extract made readily available, there are now many who are interested with learning about its different applications aside from adding it to drinking water.

When black mica extract was released in the market, it was recommended that users must consume it by adding several drops of the extract on tap water or drinking water. After this, there are many who are in search for other applications of the mineral that will make it easier for them to absorb all of its benefits.

If you are looking for other ways on how to use or consume the black mica extract, then the following are some of the recommended applications:

  • Healing Waters in Spas

It is given that spas have their water areas where people can dip and relax for a certain period of time. Adding the extract on the water area can create a real healing effect. Unlike chlorine treated water areas, using the mineral extract on spa water requires no regular pretreatment. Using the extract, it can keep the water clean for as long as 7 months. For pools that are directly exposed to sunlight, natural treatment for preventing algae is recommended.

  • Cleaning Different Water Resources

Instead of consuming tap water or chlorine treated water that may still contain water contaminants and other heavy metals. You can use the extract for cleaning different water resources. It can either reduce or eliminate all contaminants and chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, anaerobic bacteria, fungus, and even molds. The extract can be used for areas with known water resources that are contaminated or as an alternative water treatment for any water resources.

These are just some of the common applications on how to use the extract aside from adding several drops on drinking water. With more further research, you can make sure that you can get the best out of using black mica extract and be able to gain all of its health benefits especially with consuming some regularly.

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