Cancerina and matarique

Cancerina and matarique

English: Mexican Heather 'Large Rose' (Cuphea ...
English: Mexican Heather ‘Large Rose’ (Cuphea hyssopifolia), U.S. Botanic Garden, Washington DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cancerina and matarique are the most commonly found ingredients in many herbal medicines. These are Mexican plants known to have hypoglemic effect. They are known to have positive effect on many physical complications like diabetes and arthritis.

The cancerina is known for its anti inflammatory property and matarique is mainly used to treat severe issues like rheumatism, diabetes, constipation and neuralgia

The Cancerina as already mentioned is an herb of Mexico. It is widely known as the Fake Heather or Mexican Heather .The herb is also found is Honduras and Guatemala. The Cancerina is popular plant used for gardening and decorating roofs. This herb is also known for its medicinal properties. The Cancerina is a well known herb that had an important position during the during past years. The herb was known to mankind since 12th century. The herbal medical practitioners usually extract serums and oil from the plant to cure many physical ailments .This plant is use to treat fever, stones, infection, poisonous stings and bites’. In modern day the plant is known to heal physical complications like indigestion, fatigue, muscle pain, dysentery and bruises. Many are of the opinion that the plant is effective in treating infertility too.

Matarique is another popular herb found in southern Arizona, Sonora and Chihuahua. The plant grows in the semi arid topography of Arizone, Mexico and New Mexico.

The plant is widely used to treat numerous physical complications .The plant is known for its amazing healing property .The plant is a valued commodity in herb market .The most important part of this plant is the roots. The tuberous roots are used for treating various diseases.

The Tarahumara of Southern Arizona use this herb to prepare a healthy drink. The Tarahumara are known to grind the roots of the herb and prepare tea which is served as drastic purgative.

The same potion is often use to treat cold and fever. The roots of the plant are boiled to treat or dress wounds .The leaves of the plant is often brewed to treat sore throat or to clean the sores.

The Tepehuan believes that the tea made from the roots can heal severe conditions like the rheumatism. The American Mexicans and Mexicans are known to use the plant to treat physical ailments like diabetes, gastrointestinal etc. The plants is also known to heal complication in curing in pancreas, kidneys and liver

The cancerina and matarique are of great value to the modern pharmaceutical industry. Numerous researches and studies revealed the beneficial properties of both the plants. They are known to be very effective in various treatment .They form important ingredient for numerous life saving drugs and medications.

Though the herbs cancerina and matarique are known to be friends of human health yet it is essential to use them only after professional consultation. In fact self medication and self diagnosis is always harmful .Therefore one must consult their family physician prior using these herbs.

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