DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is a potent short-term hallucinogenic drug

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is a potent short-term hallucinogenic drug

Did you know that the DMT molecule is present within each of us? Although at minute levels, it is naturally occurring in our bodies. And just as some people believe that aliens are here on earth to observe humans, there are those who suspect these same aliens may actually be trying to communicate with us through the use of DMT.

Hey guys! So glad you decided to join me today! I know this might seem like a weird question… But do you think aliens could be using DMT? A lot of people think so…

Since my previous experiences with psychedelics were limited, I wanted to stick with something (less) intense for my first alien encounter–in order to make sure I felt and safe. Some friends had told me that, with their first experiences at the age of 16, they had ended up in mental facilities after taking acid (LSD) and wanting to jump out windows.

For this reason I chose DMT for my first extraterrestrial experience. DMT is also known as “the spirit molecule.” It’s short-lasting–only an hour or so–and has active properties similar to those of LSD; but again, if taken in small amounts it’s less intense than acid.

After feeling more comfortable with smoking cannabis with friends through my early high school years, I began to seek out deeper connections with people through things like philosophy and spirituality. Going into my freshman year of college at 17 I was experiencing what some would call a “quarter-life crisis.” I had just left a toxic relationship and felt lonely leaving behind my friends and family. My best friend suggested that we embark on an experience together, as he knew I had been studying shamanism and psychedelics for years, but decided to hold off until I turned 18.

During this time I was visiting a close friend of mine at the University of Florida who ended up giving me some DMT he had gotten from a mutual friend. The day after his birthday party which went late into the night, with people still drinking beer by noon–I recall sitting in my bedroom smoking cigarettes with him as he told me about his trip from the previous night. We both agreed it would be to go out into the middle of a forest to do it, as we didn’t want to cause any trouble for anyone or have the house get heavily damaged from people having bad trips.

In order to prepare myself for this experience, I had been fasting and preparing my mind by reading as much as I could about DMT and its history with humans. I learned that it is naturally occurring in our bodies–in fact, Albert Hoffman was able to extract DMT from his own body when he first made LSD. His urine at the time contained high levels of DMT, which inspired him to go on a search for where it comes from in our own brains.

I thought that if something so significant exists within each of us then why does no one talk about it?

The next day, my friend and I went out to the forest off of Eucalyptus Way where we sat on our yoga mats. It was a beautiful sunny day–around noon–and there was no one around for miles since all of his neighbors were at work or school. His house had a large yard with lots of trees surrounding it, which was perfect because I wanted to be in nature for this experience.

I took the first hit of DMT through his bong that he had filled with some special blend he had gotten from another friend who works as a headshop manager. He told me to take four short hits, hold it in my lungs for 10 seconds each time, then exhale slowly once I was done.

The beginning of my trip felt very familiar for someone who’s experienced with cannabis–a sense of time distorting and perception being altered, but also a feeling of deep introspection where I started to think about myself and my experiences during childhood. Within minutes the hallucinations began! Every object in front of me would shake violently while turning into many different shades of color. My friend had put on some Pink Floyd from his phone before we started which made the entire experience feel even more powerful. It all fell into place as he turned off the music after realizing that it was distracting me from enjoying the journey fully. As I closed my eyes I saw many fractals that were undulating back and forth, just like ones you can find online. It felt very familiar, but much more intense than any other psychedelic I’ve ever used!

After around 5 minutes of experiencing the fractals closing my eyes, I opened them back up to look at my friend who was still sitting behind me. At this point he had changed into an elephant/lion creature with his body slowly swaying back and forth. He told me that our experiences were very similar in what we saw which is why the transformation happened like that. After half an hour or so of continued visuals–where I could see clearly how different objects would morph into others when I looked away then looked back again–I laid down for a bit before deciding to stand up and walk around with (he had also taken four hits, but I think because he was much heavier than me it affected him less).

I walked around in circles for a while and looked at the trees which felt like they were breathing. It was a very overwhelming feeling going on, but it seemed to be more pleasant than other psychedelics that I’ve tried before. Around 15 minutes into my trip, I started to feel a sensation of being pulled back very quickly from wherever I had just been–it was a strange yet familiar experience that reminded me of lying down in bed after smoking pot when you get up too fast and everything starts shaking!

The effects stayed with me for another ten minutes or so, before dissipating completely without any traces of memory loss other than what happened during the experience

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