KS Kurve Pod

KS Kurve Pod

   Even though the pod mod system has been around for a while now, it seems like we’re just starting to see them explode in popularity over the last year or so. As someone that enjoys trying out new devices and vaping setups, this is great news – but it can also be a little overwhelming!

   Luckily, I’ve done all the hard work of assembling what I think are some of the best vape pod systems on the market right now. Whether you’re looking for pure simplicity or some extra features – there’s something here for everyone!


          The Kardinal Stick Kurve Pod vaping system is exactly what you’d expect from the name; it’s a small rectangular mod that looks like a cigarette lighter, and comes with pods that slot directly into it.

   Despite how simple everything about this device is, they’ve still managed to cram in enough features and safety precautions to make the whole experience as hassle-free as possible for beginners.

   The battery inside is pretty standard for most pod mods, offering 280mAh worth of charge capacity… But with just one button firing at 10 watts maximum output (and no display screen whatsoever) I found myself getting through far fewer batteries than usual. It also features overcharge protection and short circuit protection, which always help reduce risk!

   Charging the Kardinal Copenhagen Stick Kurve Pod vaping system couldn’t be simpler, either – simply plug in a micro USB cable and wait a couple of hours. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

   Like most pod mods, the Copenhagen Stick Kurve is designed to last for around 8-12 months before needing to be replaced – which is when you’ll need to drop another £15 or so on some more pods.

   Out of all the different pod systems I tried out recently, I was pleasantly surprised how well this little mod performed! Being able to vape at 10 watts with a 1.4 ohm coil gives you plenty of vapour production without being ridiculously hot… And the fact it only needs one battery makes it really nice and light too! Oh yeah, and all this for just £25.99!

   If you’re looking for a nice and simple pod mod that’s super affordable – then the Kardinal Copenhagen Stick Kurve Pod vaping system is certainly worth checking out!

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