Pink Kush

Pink Kush

It’s also psychoactive, meaning that it leads to a sedative effect. When asked about the effect of Pink Kush on the body and mind, Daniele Piemonte, founder and principal of Northern Lights Farm, a cannabis farm in Maui, Hawaii explains, “The effects are akin to caffeine but with much more THC. Essentially, using cannabis in this form can lessen anxiety and achieve high-calibre sleep.”

Pink Kush is an established heavyweight champion, but trying to dig down even further into the physical performance of this strain, Culantro concurs, “The physical effects are that of a mean spirited strain.” During the day, Pink Kush can elevate your mood. At night, this high tends to make people feel relaxed, but not relaxed enough to sleep, so are best served at another time of day.

In terms of dreams, the effects will be similar to a coffee high but the conversations are usually more jovial and you are in bed for longer. While this might not be a great strain to get a whole eight hours of deep sleep on, it works for those times when you‘d rather laze around than get some shut eye. Pink Kush produces an intense cerebral buzz that’s more aggressive and energetic than Blue Dream. It has a sweet strawberry texture that’s very uplifting and invigorating to the body.

Depending on your genetics, the effects may vary. Regardless of genetics, it’s believed that Northern Lights also trains the mind. Pink Kush is a rugged indica strain, meaning it’s more resistant to temperature changes. This compound is a strong inhibitor, making the plants more tolerant to heat stress. There have even been instances where crops have produced best just hours before frost. In terms of strain specific strains, you will have to do some research on the indoor gardening forums but can rest assured that any Northern Lights you buy will be much more potent and effective in indoor growing conditions.

Similar to Blue Dream, home cultivation is both rewarding and frustrating. Growing Pink Kush is no easy task, as the plants are often very showy. It would seem this strain takes form when done correctly but too many inexperienced growers end up with destroyed plants. In order to enjoy the benefits of Pink Kush, it’s best to start from seed, so that you have an abundance of plants ready for harvest. The sigor we talked about previously is crucial for Pink Kush to allow it to reach peak levels of THC. For novice growers, seed trade, or sharing with a trusted circle, is a great way to go.

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