Surgical Dentistry

Surgical Dentistry

The surgical dentistry is a science about the prevention, diagnostics of illnesses of an oral cavity of maxillofacial area and the methods of their treatment. So, it is used in any inflammations, mechanical damages, tumoral processes, the congenital defects and deformations.



Now the primary goal of dentistry is to preserve the teeth. If earlier in any difficult cases the tooth was just removed, today Kentucky dentists try to do their best to avoid this. Therefore, the surgical dentistry pays considerable attention to preserving operations which will help the removal of any new growths in a bone or soft fabrics of a mouth, amputations of fangs, and also various techniques of treatment of periodontal. The most widespread new growths of a mouth is root, or radicular cysts. To remove the radicular cysts which can cause tooth loss, the operation with a resection of a top of the root, allowing to clean a tumour and to keep the tooth, is held.


If the conservative treatment of one of the roots in three-root tooth is inefficient or impossibile, the positive result is reached by a surgical treatment. So as not to delete it because of one damaged root, this root is amputated and transformed in two-root tooth with its full functional activity.

In a case when caries damages two-root tooth in the area of bifurcation (a place where roots are dispersed),  crowns-radicular separation – the crown is divided into two parts, is applied to separate the roots.

As a result one two-root tooth is transformed into two single-root teeth which allow to open access to a sick cavity and to carry out its treatment. Teeth preserving operations are considered all surgical techniques of treatment of periodontal. All of them are directed on strengthening of the teeth, elimination of the centres of an infection and rehabilitation of patients with this challenge. There is a number of conservative ways of treatment of periodontosis and periodontal, but in many cases you can’t cope without the surgery.

The periodontosis leads sooner or later to the loss of all healthy teeth, plus to it, the probability of joining of a secondary infection which negatively affects not only the dental system, but also all the organism as a whole, is great. If the periodontosis grows out of metabolism infringement and is shown by a bone  fabric atrophy of an alveolar shoot and infringement dental connections at periodontal, all changes set forth above appear due to inflammatory process in which the basis is infection. In order to prevent possible complications, undergo prophylactic check-up or refer to any dental procedure you need, timely visit dentists and search for them here , it has never been easier. Stay healthy!


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