Where is Shakeology made?

Where is Shakeology made?

Here is the big question where is Shakeology made and other details about its content? Since, most of the people who consume Shakeology and which has been added in the diet of many American and Canadian, they always wonder to know about where is Shakeology made and other things about its content and ingredients

Following is the details about your queries:

Shakeology is made in New York (U.S.A.) and export to Canada, Initially Shakeology was available in U.S. only because it has more than 70 food ingredients and Canada custom department took long time to approve its products and the good news is now they have approved it successfully and it is available in Canada too. Presently, Shakeology is available only in Canada and U.S. due to some legal restriction applied by the state governments. Beachbody is really working tough to get it approved outside of Canada and U.S. but still they have not received any particular dates when they can deliver the same outside these states.

Beachbody always taking care of their products and quality. Shakeology is being manufactured under the facility which has been given by FDA (Food and Drug Administration’s), they sticks to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and it is certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Natural Products Association).


Beachbody is always putting efforts in making sure about the quality of Shakeology content and ingredients. They are also taking care that any of their products don’t contain pesticides which is very much harmful for quality of every product.

Even many people wondering that Beachbody claims that it’s all products are rich in ingredients then  why the products like Shakeology is not certified with “Organic” label ? and the answer is, Production team of Beachbody is very much expertise in making all the products. After a lot of research and development they have succeed to deliver best of the best products in the market of U.S. and Canada. After putting a lot of efforts by scientist and researcher, they have noticed that many times all the organic products do not provide higher quality. Certifying such things can easily bring up price and ultimately consumer have to pay higher rate to buy the products so they have taken care of the price also and products are available with approval stamp from a certified lab. You will get all the details about the supplement on every products as label. They have also mentioned each details on label what are the benefits from which supplements.

If you still have any kinds of question regarding the quality and content of the products you can visit their Shakeology FAQ boards @ http://faq.shakeology.com/. , In this forum you will get an plenty of information about  Shakeology, Still if you cannot find what exactly your question is, you can simply write your questions and query to their customer care support team and they will revert you with the satisfactory answer, you can also voice your matter on their message board and experts from the other side will assist you in very short period.

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