Prolotherapy scam?

Prolotherapy scam?

Regardless of how chronic it is, no one wants to pass through any pain. It is however a bit unfortunate that life is full of pains and gains and as it is popularly said, no pains no gain. Neck and back pains are however body pains that should be avoided as much as possible. Medical experts and physios have continued to look for ways of treating these pains and prolotherapy happens to be one of the most effective forms of treating pain.

Prolotherapy is particularly preferred as a result of its effectiveness and affordability. Prolotheraphy is the injection of substances into the body especially in the affected region in order to heal the pain naturally. Dextrose is particularly used in prolotherapy with chemicals only introduced in peculiar cases. Regardless of the substance use and even with the claimed effectiveness of prolotherapy, there still exist some side effects to the treatment just like any other medical procedure.

The commones side effect that has been linked to prolotherapy according to studies is pain. About seventy percent of persons that have undergone the procedure have complained of pain especially around the treated region.

From the study conducted, twenty-five percent of patients complained of stiffness, while the remaining five percent had some bruises around the treated region. More severe cases of complications are not regularly reported, though there have been instances of permanent nerve damage which can be said to be the worst side effects of all, except of course, infections are considered.

Prolotherapy when applied in the treatment of neck and back pain have been discovered to come with some peculiar side effects. Some of them include bleeding, infection, and spinal headache, with the last being the commonest of them.

It should be noted that the severity of side effects is sometimes dependent on the health condition of the patient and special care should be taken when treating back and neck injuries. It is however important that a prolotherapist or your doctor is consulted before undergoing the procedure.

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