Benefits of Kombucha Tea

Benefits of Kombucha Tea

Have you heard of Kombucha? It’s a fermented tea that the ancient Chinese called “The Elixir of Life”. I know what some of you might be thinking. “Who cares about a tea! What’s in it for me?” As Buddha said himself (and he was a pretty smart guy), “life is suffering”. We’re all going to get sick, old, and eventually die one day. I’m proposing, maybe if you start drinking Kombucha you’ll suffer less, and thrive more.

I first started drinking Kombucha at tripadvisor solara resort canmore, then started making it at home because it was too hard not too (plus way more economical and satisfying)!

What is Komucha?

Kombucha is made from sweetened tea that has been fermented by a colony of bacterial yeast or a SCOBY. The SCOBY has a nick name, it’s called a “Mother”. The reason it’s called that is because which EACH batch made the “mother” gives birth and reproduces a new one. The beautiful thing about this— is you can empower your friends to get healthy too– just peel the ‘baby’ off of its ‘Mother’ and then give it to one of your friends. Voila, they can start making kombucha (just like that)!

Kombucha has been around for more than 2,000 years, but hasn’t gained prominence in the West until recently.  In the first have of the 20th century Russia did extensive research on the benefits of Kombucha. Why? Because Russian scientists discovered that there were entire regions in Russia that were immune to cancer. They believed it was because these regions were guzzling (not vodka) but Kombucha.

So, Russian scientists began a series of experiments. And guess what? They not only verified their hyphothesis, but they also were able to pinpoint EXACTLY what is in kombucha that makes it so healthy. Kombucha wasn’t introduced into the west until the 1990s. In Canada and US there is limited research done on Kombucha her. And I think thats because no one in the pharmatuetical industry cares to know the benefits because there is no money in it for them. We can actually make kombucha ourselves for as little as $1 a litre.

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