Reumofan plus

Reumofan plus

All over the world arthritis is a common disease. Reumofan plus
is an herbal natural herbal remedy for arthritis and other related
muscle pains. Arthritis is a common joint disorder due to the
inflammation of joint. There are more than hundred types of arthritis.
Among them the more common arthritis are osteo arthritis, psoriatic
arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is due to age or
infection in the joint.

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Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis is due
to autoimmune diseases. Septic arthritis is the result of infection in
the joints. Plenty of pain relief medicines are there in allopathic,
homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment. There will be side effects in
allopathic medicines if the medicines are taken for long time.
Now natural herbal remedies are gaining popularity. These
herbal remedies don’t have any side effects even if they are taken for
long time.

Reumoflan Plus is one such natural herbal remedy for
arthritis and muscle pain. This Reumoflan plus is produced from
ingredients that are found in countries like India, Cuba and Mexican
herbolary. Reumoflan plus is a natural product that is 100 % original.
The ingredients used in manufacturing this herbal product are
Guasima, Holm oak, Easter Tea berry, Cancernia, matarique, shark
cartilage, white willow, Glucosamine, Curcumin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E,
magnesium and Calcium. This herbal remedy comes in a set of 4
bottles. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. The price for this set is $
88.00. This is also available in single bottles. The dosage advice is to
take one tablet per every 12 hour then it can be reduced to one tablet
per day according to the improvement that one feels.

Reumofan plus herbal remedy is good for arthritis. It is good for
rheumatoid pain. It helps in reducing the pain in shoulders, back,
knee joints, gout and articulations. It reduces the inflammation in
articular and muscular regions. This natural herbal remedy relieves
the pain caused due to sports activities. This reumofan plus reduces
the intense neuralgic pains in the face, neck and eyes. It helps in
curing the heel spur. It is beneficial in cases of slipped discs and

This herbal remedy is good for repairing and
maintaining of body tissues. It helps in regaining the mobility.
Though there won’t be any side effects of this medicine care
must be taken when people are taking blood thinner medicines…
This supplement may increase stomach ulcer. Aspirin must be
avoided while taking this supplement. People won’t be addicted to
Reumoflan plus.


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16 thoughts on “Reumofan plus

  1. I have been taking Reumofan for 4 days now and have less inflamation from my R.A. already. I was wondering if this product is suppossed to increase energy levels as well, I have had so much more energy since starting the product.

  2. I am 55 years old with very bad knees. I just started taking reumofan plus on my third day. I feel GREAT!! In your opinion do you think it is safe. I usually take about 6 Advil a day or sometimes celebrex. Reumofan works!! Is there a danger

  3. i have been researching people be aware, this is not the ingredients list it says it is, it is not magic because it is herbal, it is steroid based,and will have a backlash, i stopped taking it a week ago after realizing the leg cramps, weight gain and headaches i was getting were all side effects. if you notice these symptoms be aware they are from the steroids in the pills do some research online!

  4. This pill is truly amazing. I got scared after reading alot of the blogs about the side effects. To be honest I have not had any but I stopped taking them for fear of there being steriods in them. Has anyone done a lab test on these pills? I know it can be costly is the only reason I have not done it. Please let me know if anyone has, I would like to see the lab report.

  5. I needed a hip replacement and my neighbor who is Mexican brought these back from Mexico and had me try as I was in pain daily. SO I started taking 1 per day until I was scheduled for my surgery! THEY WORK! it gave me comfort until I was able to get my hip replaced!

  6. This is just amazing I have been taking vioxx and celebrex for 10 years with some level of comfort for my arthritis. I have very little to no cartilage in my knees, sciatica, and bursitis in my shoulders.
    I don’t care what is in these little pills. I would substitute pain for weight gain, leg cramps and headache any day!!
    Drink more water and walk ~ problem solved.
    This is a awesome product and I will be loading up for future use!

  7. Thanks daniel for the information from the US doctor. I have started taking them again because my joints really starting hurting again. I had forgotten how bad the pain was. I just think some people have more side effects (even with the natural). The best pain reliever I have ever had. I will drink more water and walk, which is what we all need to be doing anyway.

  8. I have been taking RP for just over a month and results were outstanding. However, as a precaution I just took a blood test and the results showed an unsafe drop in my GPR (kidney related). My Endogastro MD told me to stop immediately until another test to be taken in a month, I could have very drastiic side effects! This is a warning!

  9. Thanks for this post. RP is good for pains. Reumofan plus herbal remedy is good for arthritis. It is good for
    rheumatoid pain. It helps in reducing the pain in shoulders, back,
    knee joints, gout and articulations. It reduces the inflammation in
    articular and muscular regions. This natural herbal remedy relieves
    the pain caused due to sports activities.

  10. A lot of people have been taking the Reumofan and their pain is gone, they couldn’t walk before, move very much or anything, Most pills out there have side affects, look at the warning on cigarette labels people, they kill millions of people a year but people still smoke and the government makes a lot of money. What if we found the miracle cure for pain, just think the government isn’t making their profit and neither are the pharmaceutical companies.
    I would like to see all the ingred printed on the bottles if there is more and then people can have the choice of taking them or not. At least they know what is in them.

  11. The Question is not if it works or not. the real problem is that the real ingredients are not listed on the label.Dexamethasone and Methocarbamol are the real ingredients on reumofan wich are the same on the prescription product Rumoquin NF. As a matter of fact if you look at the tablets there are exactly the same violet round tablets an there is no way that the herbs listed on the reumofan label give you that color after mixing all the herbs together. Just saying it is ok if you like to continue to taking reumofan but at least you know what are you taking and put the side effects and the pain on a balance and decide what to do.

  12. This is the best pain/ante-inflammatory relieve medicine ever! I know many people that take it. Including my mom and I. They all had their pain relieved. They didn’t gain weight related to Reumofan Plus. If they did, it is because they have a very sedative life. Don’t be afraid. All the bad comments it is to scare you all. The pharmaceutical companies want to scare you and they are not interested of relieving your pain.

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