Rumoquin Nf

Rumoquin Nf

Eliminate the Pain with Rumoquin Nf

Suffering from severe pains cause by arthritis? Longing for a relief and painless day? Tired of the swelling and burning pain? Then Rumoquin nf is the drug for you. This small round pill is the cure for the different pains you feel in your body cause by with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and osteoarthritis. It is also proven to relieve a patient froma the pain and inflammation of synovitis, acute gouty, tendinitis, acute and subacute bursitis. It is made in Mexico by a company under the name of Marcel and is being available in the U.S. already as well as to online pharmaceutical businesses.

The effectiveness of the Rumoquin Nf is proven but a lot of patients who suffered severe pains especially those who had back and hip pains. But they also said that the effectiveness diminishes over time. The relieving effect is only for a short term. They also cited some side effects that they experienced when they took the purple pill. Most patients’s claimed that the pain diminishes during their initial medications but as time passes by, they started to gain weight and experience some cramps in their legs and hands. Taking the Rumoquin Nf will make you eat more food because it stimulates your appetite. Though there are also contradicting claims that some lose more weight because of appetite loss. Maybe this varied on their metabolism. They also said that because the drug contains stimulants, it makes them feel stronger and active. You do not experience pain anymore that is why you have more energy to do more things every day.

Although there are some wrong notions about this product. One of them is that it contains cortisone. The truth is, it doesn’t not contain any though it is not 100% natural. Problems that arose from the manufacturing of this product is related to Reumofan Plus where Rumoquin Nf is being repackage into a new design and being claim as 100% natural. Some sellers are only faking it that is why there was a time that it was pulled out from the stores in Mexico and started invading U.S. But you need not worry about it because you can check if the product contained letter “M” which stands for Marcel. The products are just the same, they just differ in packaging.  Take note that if you are taking this drug, be cautious about getting over dosage. You should always consult your doctor with the right dosage you need in order to avoid nausea, vomiting, dizziness, mental confusion, headaches and disorientation.


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  1. Our friend gave us some Rumoquinn N.F. & it works well but my husband is having some cramping in his legs. I’m reading about Reumofan Plus & it seems like a better product with more natural ingrediets & less side effects. What is the difference between the two & how can we order this, if it’s possible. Tina

  2. I am interested in purchasing this medication due to chronic arthritis and joint pain. Respond with information regarding purchasing. Thank you, Cindy

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