Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

Side-Effects Caused by Super Beta Prostate

Generally, Super Beta Prostate is not a supplement that causes side-effects. Still, it is not entirely harmless. It can lead to certain problems in rare circumstances and cases just like any other supplement can.

Given below are some of the primary side-effects that may be caused by the use of the supplement:

Gastrointestinal problems

Use of Super Beta Prostate may cause a number of side-effects that are gastrointestinal in nature. First of all, it may lead to a patient experiencing diarrhea. Other than that, some users may feel nauseated after using it for a while. Constipation and other similar issues may arise due to reliance on the supplement, as well. For the most part, the supplement triggers gastrointestinal problems because it contains the component beta-sitosterol.

Vitamin complications

Studies seem to suggest that using Super Beta Prostate supplements may make it tough for the human body to absorb certain essential things. For instance, beta-sitosterol is known to cause difficulty in absorbing vitamin A. The same can be said when it comes to absorbing the E vitamin. Even though this effect of the supplement may not be too pronounced, it is still very significant since the body can function optimally only when it gets all the components it needs in correct amounts.

Sexual issues

A number of sexual difficulties may make their presence known as a result of using Super Beta Prostate, as well. This, too, because of the presence of the component beta-sitosterol! When a person consumes a supplement that contains beta-sitosterol, what happens is that it influences certain male hormones, especially dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, in a variety of ways. As a result, the user may experience a decrease in overall sexual drive. Other than that, erectile dysfunction may become an issue, too.

Allergic difficulties

The last kind of problem Super Beta Prostate can lead to is allergic problem. The supplement may end up triggering allergies in people who are allergic in some ways. Rashes may occur as a result of consuming the supplement. Also, hives may arise due to the same reason. Itching is another side-effect that may be triggered by the supplement, along with swelling. Two other allergic difficulties that may occur are wheezing and breathing difficulty.

Note that, usually, side-effects triggered by Super Beta Prostate tend to be quite mild, and hence, do not require immediate medical attention. However, in case allergic reaction is triggered, the situation should be treated as an emergency.

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